winter gear.

Lipsy faux fur coat, Tsumori Chisato sweater t-shirt, Erin Wasson x RVCA cut-off shorts, H&M tights, Givenchy Nightingale, Zara combat boots

As winter settled into the streets of London, I pulled out faux fur, wool, and corduroy to deal with the falling temperature and snow - also in a faithful patent leather Givenchy Nightingale sit a scarf, a pair of gloves and a hat just in case the winterwear fabrics can't deal with bitter cold and wind.

It's my first time living in winter (Singapore enjoys summer year-round) and I've been stocking up on cardigans, scarves, sweaters and coats - I'm back in London from a week-long trip in Hong Kong, spending Christmas with family, shopping for winter clothes and eating to my heart's content.

New Year's Eve tonight promises laughter, warmth and the bringing in of what I hope will be another amazing year. 2010 consisted of two vastly different jobs, plenty of time for reflection and soul-searching, a new apartment after 12 years in the apartment I grew up in, and the start of university in another country and city - thank you to all the family, teachers, mentors, and friends who've made the year so full of life-lessons, revelations, and love.

Whatever you've got, 2011, bring it on :)

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life as a MUNner.

G2000 work blazer, G2000 oxford shirt (top), Tsumori Chisato grey embellished wool blouse (above), Playlord pencil skirt, Guess black patent stiletto pumps

When I'm not cavorting around Central London, I bring myself back to earth with Model UN - I took a trip out of London to Aberystwyth, a beautiful resort town in Wales, for a Model UN conference a few weeks ago. Good food, lovely hosts and a relaxing holiday atmosphere made for a welcome break from the fast pace of the City. With a couple more conferences coming up next year, I've been quite occupied especially with law school and the many distractions London presents to my generation, but I promise more posts soon! The weather's been frightful so Hong Kong might be out of the cards... but Singapore might expect me back for the New Year.

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wahaca and the lady.

Topshop silk shirt, ASOS harem trousers with corset waist detail, Mulberry Alexa, New Look platform chunky heel booties

When Val came down to London a few weeks ago with a friend, I took both of them to Wahaca, possibly my favourite Mexican restaurant here in London - it's a fresh modern spin on Mexican market eating, and everything comes in perfect portions, made with fresh ingredients and remarkably tasty! A must-try for anyone in London; I'm taking some friends to the newly opened branch at Wardour Street next week :)

It's quite true that Taureans are remarkably attuned to liking one style and sticking to it (the trait of loyalty! I'm inspired by a wide range of styles, but I do stick to them). H&M Magazine pointed out that Taureans love what Phobe Philo has done with Celine. The return of lady-like to tailored pieces has done wonders to women's self-confidence - we can dress as powerfully as men but with our own feminine flair added... this silk blouse, paired with a pair of harem trousers (the best - not overly tailored but with enough structure to polish an outfit off) and low-key booties makes a lovely, lovely off-day look that can also double as a work outfit if I add a stunning black tuxedo jacket. Smart, intelligent and polished is sexy.

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two versions of schoolgirl.

Zara cotton turtleneck sweater/jumper, Primark skirt, Topshop tights, Mulberry Alexa, Topshop brogues, Warehouse beanie, DIY necklace, Venetian Murano glass ring

I met up with Stella and Shiru on a Friday afternoon after school for a quick coffee and a browse through Selfridges, only to find that Stella had also gone the schoolgirl route (albeit a more cosy field-frolicking version, rather than my darker intellectual stickler one - this look is reminiscent of the girl who carries a Moleskine everywhere and sits down for coffee [no milk, no sugar] every few hours to ponder things like politics, philosophy and literature - I'm not so sure I'm that girl though Shiru might be), pairing a satchel with lace-up shoes and cute headwear. While it might be slightly OTT for some people to match their accessories by colour, I still adore the pink of my Alexa with these brogues; and the different shades of camel Stella sports are wonderfully in tune with the classic 70s tone of the season.

If you were wondering, my hair's actually up in a high side-pony under the beanie, but I let the ends peek out to create the illusion of a messy shoulder-bob - I've been considering going short but I love long hair too much!

The days are getting shorter even if each day feels like it lasts forever into the night, and I'm piling on more layers; at the end of October I could have just worn this outfit without worrying about getting more ill than I already am, and bare legs were admissible. The only warmth I get during nights out in bare legs on boats and in London clubs is from the various people who pass in and out, holding their glasses up high and losing themselves in the music, the crowd and the celebration of our seemingly endless youth...

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halloween 2010: 1920s flapper vampire girl

Topshop flapper beaded tunic dress, Topshop garter-print tights, Chanel purse, Guess patent stiletto pumps, Joy headband and feather clip, Riccimie triple-strand necklace

For Halloween this year, I dressed up as a vampire flapper girl for a vampire-themed Halloween party at Studio Valbonne; I hadn't had a clue as to what I'd dress as until I spotted this beautiful stormy blue tunic dress at Topshop and immediately thought of a 1920s flapper outfit. The Great Gatsby is one of my utmost favourite books (I'm in love with the clutch Kate Spade did) and I'd never really gone all flapper before with a headdress. For a modern reinterpretation I picked up a floral headpiece from Joy with a bit of veiling, and a feather clip I attached to the main headpiece - as my hair's dark, I didn't want a black headpiece. Chanel Rouge Allure in Maniac (from the Chanel Noirs Obscurs Collection) and wide winged eye makeup finished off a glamorous vampire look...


P.S. I was out with Stella and Shiru again! Stella's sporting gorgeous Topshop key pieces in the form of the Russian fur hat and the sparkly prom dress layered over a H&M Peter Pan-collar blouse!

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