letters to juliet: fluff, cheese and little hearts aflutter

My first thought: "Old people can be so sweet!" (As quoted by Cher Horowitz in Clueless.)

Met C, my oldest best friend (in terms of years we've been friends - since I was 2, and she was 3), on Tuesday night for dinner and a chick flick; movies of that variety tend to dominate our film-watching choices when we're not attending the cinema with her boy... the last was When In Rome starring Kristen Bell and Josh Duhamel. Sappy romance or generic female audience-targeted films are always a delight with C, because we've watched so many together that we know what the other is thinking when a particularly cheesy bit comes on, or a tragic heartbreaking bit. In the case of Tuesday night, we bought tickets for Letters to Juliet. Starring Amanda Seyfried, Vanessa Redgrave and Christopher Egan, the romance film is about Sophie, an American fact-checker at the New Yorker who heads to Verona, Italy, for a pre-wedding "honeymoon" with her slightly overly-gourmet-obsessed chef fiancé who wants to spend the whole trip visiting his suppliers. Sophie befriends the Secretaries of Juliet, who write back to the women who have written letters and put them up on the exterior garden wall of the house Juliet Capulet used to live in. While helping these women answer the letters, she discovers a Letter to Juliet written in 1957 somewhere in the wall and writes back... the author of the letter, Claire, comes to Italy to find the love she left behind more than five decades ago and Sophie tags along on her journey for what she feels to be the story she's always wanted to write, where "it's never too late", and people just need to "find the courage" to pursue their dreams. And of course, Claire has a good-looking and overprotective grandson, Charlie, whom Sophie begins to have verbal sparring matches with almost immediately after their first meeting. As the sparks fly, and Sophie realises what she wants, hearts are torn and sewn back and the audience gets a little more faith in the power of love. Overall, the story was a little difficult to believe, and the time-frame was unrealistic (I am a cynic in real life, and do not believe that people may fall in love at first sight, or even over the span of a few days), but the film's really supposed to be all romance, sweet lighthearted fluff. And there's plenty of humour to satisfy the cynics. Needless to say, we loved the settings, the romance and Amanda Seyfried's perfect hair and sometimes very spot-on outfits. Watch it if you need a pick-me-up, or some reassurance that love might be waiting in very strange places for you. 6.5/8.0
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going incognito; dancing deep into the night

Elizabeth and James convertible trench coat dress, DKNY tank top, Topshop leggings, Topshop safari shoes, Six Accessories bracelets, ethnic beaded necklace worn as double-strand bracelet brought back by Daddy for me in early 2000s.

Time flew by as the camera shutter continued to create flapping noises while the camera timer continued to beep at alarming volumes at two in the morning, and this dangerous detective came out to play with her Chanel Rouge Allure in Maniac, and her new Elizabeth and James trench, along with her best friend in a mysterious denim blazer and sky-high inky black stiletto ankle boots...

B (aka Kristin Bong), one of my best friends who's also going to London to read Law, came over for a night of watching the World Cup. Between matches (Uruguay vs. South Korea at 10pm Singapore time and USA vs. Ghana at 2.30am Singapore time), we grabbed all sorts of vests, jackets and shoes, dashed on some lipstick and eyeliner, and had an impromptu photo-shoot; the result was a series of strange stop-motion worthy photos, and plenty of individual shots that were compiled into the above videos. Imagine if B and I shared an apartment... every Saturday night that we'd not have a GNO, we'd set up the tripod, rustle up a Bramble or an old-fashioned Cosmo, and put on the soundtrack from Chicago to get some jazz moves on.

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Welcome (Enter the Circus)

Welcome to my new sanctuary of personal style, and daily musings - come September, this space will be filled with images and vignettes of my new life as a law school student in London. Meanwhile, view and read about the preparation for the many changes in the next few months of this girl's life... new apartment at the end of August, then a new country, then a new school (with many old friends coming along for the ride, and many left behind to come back to).

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