happy weekend!

Here's wishing everyone a happy weekend, have a plate of greasy breakfast goodies! Here are a few things to garner some weekend-project inspiration from...

* The City Sage: a blog I've just discovered, and decidedly adore...
* two links preparatory to an exciting haircut appointment on Monday - one: layered cuts for the girl with long, long hair and two: celebrity hair secrets, shhh...
* Tucker's Fall 2010 look-video as featured on NylonMag.com...
* How To Have Fun With A Journal with Archie Grand...
* a story from the New York Times on the Selby...

It's been a long week, so dive into a lazy weekend, and keep in mind this quote of the week:
""Be politically correct, but please don't bother other people with conversation about being politically correct, because that's the end of everything. You want to create boredom? Be politically correct in your conversation."
- Karl Lagerfeld
Don't be boring, loves!
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who wants to be right as rain, it's better when something is wrong.

Silent Worth dress, vintage knit cardigan, Gap t-shirt, Juicy Girl jeans, Pedder Red black textured patent pumps, Macaly peep-toes, Anteprima geisha platforms

Moving away to a new apartment next month means that at least a quarter of my wardrobe (and a quarter of Mother's) has to go - to friends, the Salvation Army, anyone. This dress was bought before its time, when florals in a delicate fabric weren't part of the regular girl's wardrobe. Now it's being passed on... the cardigan with the jewels studding the trim was Mother's - let's see if anyone wants to thrift it for theirs.

Can't shake the feeling of a disquiet. This week has been shattered to tiny random little pieces by gastric flu, unexpected days off from work, tensions running high with everyone at home stressed out and the first driving lesson in a couple of weeks; it was made more irregular by the LSE Induction Meeting a few hours ago - that went very well, with lots of useful information and us freshers having splendiferous introductions and time with the LSE seniors. Meanwhile, I'm thankful for insipid texting, a spontaneous lunch with B, the emails S and I exchange, the comfort C always provides via text, Twitter and the knowledge that she's always there, and my new hilarious, lovely LSE classmates and seniors.

Wardrobe upheaval Part Deux this weekend. While I enjoy flitting about insouciantly, I can't wait till I'm like S, with a schedule I can work around (my internship is the most inconstant one in the world, but I love it).

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deep recesses of the mind.

Topshop sweater, Bess t-shirt, Topshop ankle booties

Not exactly sure what I'm doing, or what I'm seeing, or hearing. Heady senses deceiving me with unknown intentions. All I've been doing is bundling myself in loose, and sometimes heavy clothes, and slipping on shoes just to feel like I'm on my way again.

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hump(ty-dumpty) day lift.

favourite beauty products.

john masters + diptyque love.


bright cheer.

my head looks like this now.

chandelier and neutrals and soft browns and beiges to soothe and decompress.
1. Ryan Korban in Domino, from The Bella Life 2. Maya's Agenda: son sac 3. Alessandra Ambrosio styled by Stevie Dance and photographed by Will Davidson for Russh August 2010 4. The Style Files 5. Saba Italia covered by Contemporist 6. Tea For Joy
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nobody but you.

Marc by Marc Jacobs dress-shirt, lace shorts from Tokyo, Anteprima geisha platforms, Marni purse, Marc by Marc Jacobs charm bracelet

Last night, after an interesting afternoon of lunching and having tea with my incoming LSE Law classmates, I headed to C's parents' 25th anniversary party at KBox - we all had a marvelous time opening champagne, singing oldies, watching C's boyfriend's magic show and the ladies' Wondergirls Nobody But You line-dancing performance. But of course, a night of running around a room and champagne and too much food always results in a morning fiasco... when I wake up at 4pm on a perfectly lovely Sunday. Still down with the flu and not sure when I'll get better after one-and-a-half weeks of dreadful coughing and a red nose.

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happy weekend!

Here's wishing everyone a happy weekend, have a passionfruit martini! Here are a few things to garner some weekend-project inspiration from...

* a post on Danish photographer Ditte Isager
* pretty hair ideas for the upcoming season...
* net-a-porter.com's French spread...
* kikki. K's guide to An Organized Life...
* a story from the London Evening Standard on why Morning People rule the world...

Keep those smiles up, and keep in mind this quote of the week:
"You will come to know that what appears today to be a sacrifice will prove instead to be the greatest investment that you will ever make."
- Gorden B. Hinkley

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searching for all the bright spots

Ettusais Vacances Nails 2010 in 11 (yellow sparkle), F8 (orange sparkle), and F9 (lime green sparkle, Ettusais Gel Top Coat, and Majolica Majorca Artistic Nails (Jeweling Line) in BL555 (blue sparkle with mini sequins) and VI494 (violet sparkle with mini sequins)

Urban Decay Summer of Love Nail Lacquer Set

I keep forgetting to paint my fingernails all colours of the UD Summer of Love rainbow; they've been plain since mid-June. Another realisation... I own plenty of bright nail colours, and bright make-up, but my clothes and accessories tend to be muted neutrals. Dinner out tonight at Angus House, picking up some magazines and retreating back home for a night of pure quiet and relaxation...

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mi-Juillet dies solis: teppanyaki, sukiyaki and the MUN Bunch.

Sakae Teppanyaki - surprisingly quite excellent...

The MUN Bunch/Gang.

Perfect Singtel (telecom) advertisement.

"Please place at edge of table. Or on your head if view of said table is blocked by your many friends."

Chef's sashimi selection at Suju.


Cour Carre vest, Max&Co. wide-leg umber jeans, Old Navy tank top, Marni jelly Mary Jane pumps, Prada bag/Marc by Marc Jacobs bag

On Sunday, I had a teppanyaki lunch with the MUN Bunch (Shiru calls us the Gang). This group has weathered through plenty with me in the past two years - some are classmates, some are Environment Focus Group buddies, some are simply encountered, we stumbled only to find common interests and shared loves. The one thing we all have in common, and that brought us together is Model United Nations - whether or not we have passions for debating, negotiating, lobbying, socializing... we all love to bring our own voices out to make a stand. Our bonds began in November 2008, and locked in December 2008 in Boston and New York. (Shiru was always with us in ways even if she was not physically with us on the trip.) When I finally feel wistful enough, I'll dedicate a post to that magical and wonderful and unbelievable time.

I donned a menswear-inspired look for the day, because Mother just passed these jeans to me, and while they might place a little too much emphasis on the hips, they're incredibly comfortable and fun. More on the look here and here.

Meanwhile, dinner with my parents at the Japanese Restaurant Suju (333A Orchard Road #04-05/07 Mandarin Gallery, Singapore 238897; (65) 6737 7764) was a relaxing experience with the right atmosphere for a lazy Sunday evening meal after a lovely viewing of Inception.

We had succulent sashimi, if that is even possible, with everything melting in our mouths - the scallops were particularly sweet. The sukiyaki pans provided a level of comfort, with not too much saltiness, and the beef very tender yet not too fatty. The salmon was cooked to the correct degree, and paired very nicely with enough salmon roe to give a tanginess to each bite.

The staff at Suju are all Japanese, from what I perceived, and pleasantly polite in the way Japanese all are. While they were very good at providing all we needed (constant refills of green tea, serving plates, recommendations), our only complaint was that there were rather few waitstaff that did not always notice when we motioned for any, but perhaps that could be attributed to us walking in at 8pm on a Sunday night.

Prices at Suju are rather high, for the overall experience that we had - I would recommend that you visit Akashi Japanese Restaurant at Paragon (290 Orchard Road #B1-01 The Paragon, Singapore 238859; (65) 6735 8887) or at Orchard Parade Hotel (1 Tanglin Road #01-01A Orchard Parade Hotel, Singapore 247905; (65) 67324438) if you're in town for a holiday with no time to try Suju as well; if you're local and have a choice between both, choose Akashi. However, Suju is also offering a complimentary S$30 Return Voucher with every S$100 spent with American Express, so take note of that as well!
(which I will post a review for very soon; fascinating film).

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