and I cannot help but ignore the people staring at my scars

Pull & Bear denim biker jacket, Hula&Co. dress, Marc by Marc Jacobs bag, Zara combat boots

Mel, Tim and I had a visit to B last night - she was sharing a little stall with Chloe, Beu and Beu's sister at the *SCAPE FLASHLIGHTBATTERIESS flea market. The darling was too tired and sticky to head for dinner with the 2009 class of 6.14 at 313@Somerset, or even for a night out after. Lots of army talk with most of the boys booking in on Monday with new postings... it's good to see that the boys are excited, and that they seem to enjoy discussing National Service.

However, with all of them going back in on Monday and hoping to make good impressions (the boys of .14 are all good), only Mel and I went back to my place for a cocktail (as above - cranberry apple and vodka) and to change out for a night at La Maison and Zirca with J, and his beautiful new friends - La Maison is the new exclusive nightspot sequestered away in Bukit Timah; K and I were there in April for the Marc by Marc Jacobs party - with the trees and lights around, and the sophisticated but eclectic interior, it was easy to believe in our own sort of glamour... Having not deigned to bring my camera, I went along with the tide of the night, and some of the most adorable and fun-loving people I'll ever meet.

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