ballet under the satellites and fireworks.

Jayro straw boater hat, DKNY Jrs silk top, DVF sandals

Mel got K & I tickets to Ballet Under the Stars this year, and we merrily prepared tons of food - including a cold chicken potato salad, spinach and bell-pepper farfalle and couscous, ham focaccia sandwiches and mixed berries and fruits - and coincidentally brought containers of the same sort of juice - orange-pomegranate lemonade, and cranberry lemonade; I added some Belvedere to a thermos just to make the night more lucid...

Performances were executed well, and we particularly enjoyed the later performances. A memorable moment was in the coda of Don Quixote pas de deux when the fouettés were performed by the female principal and then a series of pirouettes à la seconde by the male principal. In Evening at the Ritz, we were amused with the second song - My Funny Valentine - where the danseuse attempts to find a partner... and is reluctantly accepted, and then thrown about from danseur to danseur before being coveted by all of them. Eventually, la femme has the power to reject all of her previously unwilling suitors. How fun! Must watch Fred and Ginger soon.

As the night ended, we jumped about Fort Canning, and took silly (fail) photos, before proceeding down to Night Festival to see what else we could absorb in the feast of the arts permeating this small area of Singapore's CBD...

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