june 2010 - people who need people are the luckiest people in the world.

Happy AJ Day... SATC2 with JC.

Out with the class at Bobby's.

After Beviamo's with B & J.

Heading east.

Dinner with the fam before sending E off on her UK school trip.

IMUN@AC 2010 with the juniors.


Happy 20th birthday, C! xoxo

The first two weeks of June was chock-full of times out with friends and family... A summary of the lovely half of the month, before everything fell into a hurry again. I love that line from the song People in Funny Girl. No part of lovers am I but we all need people in many, many ways. I'm grateful for the ones around me, and try to be part of others' circles, instead of concentrating on being the centre of my own.

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