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Admiralty MRT Station.

Woodlands Avenue 6.

18/7: Pimped out taxi cab...

So I finished with all 30 subjects of a Motorcar Class 3A Course on Sunday. 19 120-minute practical lessons over the course of 25 days, with little rest, World Cup matches, interning, university prep and plenty of social affairs. The most intense month of my life, really, with the exceptions of studying constantly for IB last year, and O-levels in 2007. Those times, however, didn't involve me juggling several things at once.

I'm glad that from now on, I only need one or two practical driving lessons a week (three or perhaps even four during the week before my actual practical test) - this means more sleep, and less transport costs. From the week of July 12 to July 18, I had six lessons, prompting a slow recovery from a bad cold. My throat is killing me as I type.

But meanwhile, I'll miss having the same instructors every week, their familiarity allowing them to criticize me firmly, but never in a mean manner; also, their refreshing perspectives on different issues (school, government, education, current affairs, and of course, driving) left me greatly more exposed to the world beyond the Districts my life usually keeps within. I will also miss the long journeys to and fro (not the cab rides when I was late, though... all that I've spent could buy me yet another T by Alexander Wang dress) and the strangeness of becoming familiar with another part of the Heartlands again (previously in 2007 - Kembangan whenever Wesley and I had to go to Auntie Jo's place for tuition...).

Back to SSDC for my FTT on Wednesday though; I have to pass in order to book my practical driving test - hopefully for early September.

P.S. Passed a practical assessment, with 12 points off - there's apparently an 80% chance I'll pass my actual test.

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