searching for all the bright spots

Ettusais Vacances Nails 2010 in 11 (yellow sparkle), F8 (orange sparkle), and F9 (lime green sparkle, Ettusais Gel Top Coat, and Majolica Majorca Artistic Nails (Jeweling Line) in BL555 (blue sparkle with mini sequins) and VI494 (violet sparkle with mini sequins)

Urban Decay Summer of Love Nail Lacquer Set

I keep forgetting to paint my fingernails all colours of the UD Summer of Love rainbow; they've been plain since mid-June. Another realisation... I own plenty of bright nail colours, and bright make-up, but my clothes and accessories tend to be muted neutrals. Dinner out tonight at Angus House, picking up some magazines and retreating back home for a night of pure quiet and relaxation...

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