spring macrame.

As we move from June to July to August, our accessories change slightly from the pearls of May and June to the ropes and strings of July and August...

I basically died for this pair of Elizabeth and James Loni Macrame Lace Up Pumps (Shopbop.com) when I saw them, but by then it was too late - my size (US 7.5/EUR 38) was gone. Anyway, after looking at P.S. I Made This's post about a macrame necklace, I cheered up considerably and tonight I finally got round to making an accessory for the first time in a long time. Try it yourself; it's supremely easy. (Adapted from P.S. I Made This.)

1. I had an old spool of nylon string/rope left over from the days of OBS when we used string to get our tents up.

2. Loop the end of the string/rope around your thumb, and start weaving in and out of fingers, back and forth until two straight rows of string/rope have been formed across
all four fingers (you don't need to involve your thumb except to anchor the start of the necklace - tie the end around your thumb securely to do so...)

3. Pull the lower string on each finger over the respective higher string and the respective finger. Optional: Tug gently at the end nearest to the spool to tighten the loops slightly for smaller loops.

4. Continue weaving! Another second row across the fingers... when you're done, snip the necklace off the spool, use that end to weave through all the finger loops and pull gently to secure. Wear as it is with some layering, or attach chain, beads, etc, on the ends to form a pretty necklace!

Happy macrame-ing!

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