summer intern in the hot hot heat.

Max&Co. sleeveless cotton shirt, G2000 tailored trousers, Miu Miu shoes, Marc Jacobs bag

Another day at the office, and another day of rushing to the driving centre for a practical lesson, called for a simple and breezy outfit in which I could carry my usual plethora of bags, and take public transport in (take into account the frizz-inducing value of the humidity and heat out there), and drive comfortably in. Pulled out my favourite sleeveless business casual shirt, my new machine-washable tailored pants, and my trusty Miu Miu shoes - Mother has the same pair but they're used with less frequency as compared to mine.

From my Chictopia blog:

Even though it’s summer all-year round in Singapore, and we all have to dress in a single layer (or two if daring) if we’re poor unpaid interns trudging via public transport to work, I thought it might be nice to post a look for all the other interns around the world doing summer internships in the hot, hot heat. Note that:

#1 It’s acceptable to bare arms during the summer. This only applies if you don’t have a strict dress code in the office, and in cases of law interns like me, if you don’t have to attend court that day. However, for modesty’s sake, always keep a cardigan on hand… if your boss doesn’t approve, you can just slip the cardigan on and have a very conservative look. Today, I wore this stiff cotton sleeveless shirt to stay cool in the heat outside, and when I felt cold in the office, I kept a thin long cardigan on.

#2 It’s crucial for every intern to have a pair of plain black tailored trousers that are not too tight. It’s not impossible to find cheap but well-made pairs – mine was bought at SGD49 (USD35) I believe, or even less. For men, make sure that the hem falls about 3-4 inches from the base of your foot; ladies, if you’re going to wear the trousers with flats all the time, 2 inches from the base of your foot – if with heels sometimes, the hem should touch the base of your foot.

#3 It’s very useful to have a pair of flats that can be used for work, and then worn out later for a dressier night. Mother also has the same pair of Miu Miu flats – they’re incredibly easy to slip on and run off in, especially in the morning for work. However, the metal hardware and the big bows on the toe areas make the shoes easy to wear for nights out too.

#4 YOU MUST ALWAYS HAVE A WATCH ON DURING WORK HOURS – too necessary. I wear a Baby-G watch, but it’s designed in black and frosted silver, in a chain-link band, so it looks business-like enough. Always stay professional! :)

SO, happy summer interning to all the interns out there right now; dress well to impress!

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