who wants to be right as rain, it's better when something is wrong.

Silent Worth dress, vintage knit cardigan, Gap t-shirt, Juicy Girl jeans, Pedder Red black textured patent pumps, Macaly peep-toes, Anteprima geisha platforms

Moving away to a new apartment next month means that at least a quarter of my wardrobe (and a quarter of Mother's) has to go - to friends, the Salvation Army, anyone. This dress was bought before its time, when florals in a delicate fabric weren't part of the regular girl's wardrobe. Now it's being passed on... the cardigan with the jewels studding the trim was Mother's - let's see if anyone wants to thrift it for theirs.

Can't shake the feeling of a disquiet. This week has been shattered to tiny random little pieces by gastric flu, unexpected days off from work, tensions running high with everyone at home stressed out and the first driving lesson in a couple of weeks; it was made more irregular by the LSE Induction Meeting a few hours ago - that went very well, with lots of useful information and us freshers having splendiferous introductions and time with the LSE seniors. Meanwhile, I'm thankful for insipid texting, a spontaneous lunch with B, the emails S and I exchange, the comfort C always provides via text, Twitter and the knowledge that she's always there, and my new hilarious, lovely LSE classmates and seniors.

Wardrobe upheaval Part Deux this weekend. While I enjoy flitting about insouciantly, I can't wait till I'm like S, with a schedule I can work around (my internship is the most inconstant one in the world, but I love it).

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  1. beautiful dress. I love the print.xx