on rentre à la maison.

T by Alexander Wang dress, Sonia Rykiel pour H&M bra, Chanel purse, Topshop boots

It's almost a given now, that if someone thinks of going to La Maison for a night of near-anonymity, we end up in one of its cushy baroque sofas, later on the floor with the rest of the city-weary unknowns, slipping and sliding against each other while moving in sync to the Frenchified spun music. La Maison only launched officially two weeks ago - I called my girls, JC and B, to don some black on that Black Friday and party up with some Kitsuné. I myself chose to don the T by Alexander Wang cowl back dress I scored at the Shopbop summer sale (with additional 20% off) - it's likely the sheerest thing ever, but it's also too comfortable for that to matter, especially on an outdoor dance floor.

We had the pleasant surprise of Fred also attending the party with J, and J's friend Timothy coming down - in the vein of small societies, I know Tim from the first junior college I attended for a brief two months before enrolling at the junior college I graduated from. What a small, small world after all.

After dancing our feet off, we indulged in 3am burgers and fries at Serene Centre before JC and I returned to her own maison and retired for the night, recovering our energy in the morning with sunshine and a good breakfast, for more lunches and a school reunion later during the day...

Photos by JC; thank you darling!
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on the couch sleeveless cotton top, Erin Wasson X RVCA corduroy shorts, Muji cardigan, Max&Co. satchel, DVF sandals

After last night's successful try at tying a turban, I felt a little inspired to do my version of modern desert-dweller, hence the goddess sandals, and the light cotton clothing today. I left one side of the remaining scarf down for an Arabic flair, and gathered plenty of stares on my way to meet a friend for lunch at Holland Village, and on the train to driving school. These supremely comfortable Erin Wasson X RVCA shorts came in last week from Shopbop.com, bought at an incredible 70% off. They're named the Tears and Souvenirs corduroy shorts, and came with a sweet note; I love little paper pieces like this.

Friends are flying off next week to their respective colleges in Canada, France, the US, and the UK - we're all torn between eager anticipation and lingering doubts. These few days are a flurry of good lunches and dinners, accompanied by bittersweet farewell embraces... Prep for college hasn't consisted of anything but IM-ing and hanging out with my new classmates, although our attempt to work our way a little through the preliminary reading list failed completely yesterday as we adjourned from the National Library to the nearest Ya Kun, a franchised and commercialized version of the typical Singaporean coffee shop, for kaya toast, tea and conversation. (Kaya is a sweet coconut egg jam that should be taken sparingly and only once in a very long while.) I'm thankful that my new classmates are (mostly) as eccentric as I am (hi guys!).

This entire weekend is to be occupied by a resort retreat (aka camp) organized by my college's Singapore Society. I should really get down to more packing for the new house, and serious college prep.

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For the past couple of nights, I've been packing my books into boxes in anticipation of the Great Move. After seeing this post on Refinery29, I picked up a length of chiffon that came with my Korean prom dress, and promptly tried to tie a turban - it's an excellent way to keep hair back while wiping musty tomes and killing my back flitting up and down and around. I'm calculating the odds of survival, wearing a tightly bound scarf around my head outdoors in Singapore... According to the Court (of LSE Law classmates), I'm apparently to be known as princess from now on - in a sardonic, ironic, satirical but also flattering sort of way. Venturing out into an imaginary desert as a Persian princess now...
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sunday parachute dress.

Max&More dress, leather belt from TANGS department store, Marc by Marc Jacobs bag, Marc by Marc Jacobs platform wedges

I hustled down on a quiet Sunday (after two days of activities taking their toll on my eyebags) to sitting somewhat serenely at home and flipping through old magazines, trying to clear them. The dress I wore is a long-established go-to I picked up for $20 at Max&More three years ago. I throw it on all the time for studying, running out of the house and picnics... An old friend of mine (who's starting college at UChicago) picked me up in her new car for dinner at my favourite Japanese chain restaurant, and treated me to Prince of Kandy and Vanilla Ceylon tea at her favourite hotel's café after... As we all move and make our different ways, I find myself grasping at opportunities to meet friends I won't be seeing until next summer, and reminisce about the days we have already left behind.

There's a quote I stumbled upon today, which is somewhat morose, but speaks the truth.
"With memory set smarting like a reopened wound, a man's past is not simply a dead history, an outworn preparation of the present: it is not a repented error shaken loose from the life: it is a still quivering part of himself, bringing shudders and bitter flavors and the tinglings of a merited shame."
- George Eliot
What I can add is that while your past is a part of you, it's up to you to allow these "shudders and bitter flavors" to affect your appetite for life...

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sunday morning once again.

Good morning, darlings! Have some Belgian waffles drenched in hot fudge sauce and B&J's Phish Food ice cream, or a slice of sinful apple pie...

It's been a fast-paced couple of days; posts up soon about them. I'm ready to wind down and do some proper spring cleaning before meeting an old friend for a quiet Sunday dinner. It's my last day of work tomorrow - I have a month to get everything sorted out before I fly to London. I also have a month to my driving test, which happens on the day before I leave!

Time's passing so fast I'm not sure if I'm amenable to what it's doing.

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summer lost in the sun.

It's a surprise to many that one of my favourite songs to listen to most of the time is Lost in the Sun by Hinder - emo, jumping, headbanging rock for the "tai-tai"? (Tai-tai means "wife with rich husband" in Chinese - there's a running joke that I'm destined to become one.) Nevertheless, the song possesses the nostalgic mood I find myself in often, and it's become one of my top-played tracks on iTunes.
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I'm really going to miss supermarket shopping with my parents - when I can toss everything I want into the cart and not have to really consider the final checkout... and the experience of running through aisles trying to find my family...

Expect lots of nostalgia over the next month.

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