bohemian rhapsody: inspired by Gucci Fall 2008

The shirt... and the many bracelets, including the colourful Sorority Sister one S, K and I share...

Shirt from Bugis Street, shorts from Hong Kong's Garden Street, Max&Co. hobo bag, Marc by Marc Jacobs wedge platforms

Spent a lovely weekend sitting at home and reading romance novels in a way I haven't done so in a long time - three in one shot. Then also, going through old copies of Self and Shape and Frankie, tearing out pages to keep so to recycle the rest. Tensions are still a little high in our household, but only in relation to decisions regarding the new apartment. When it all comes down to it, my parents and I can still laugh and share our lives over some icy cold sweet beer and delicious Japanese barbecue in a tiny restaurant tucked away somewhere in the city.

The shirt I wore is one of my favourites, even if it's been worn down plenty in the years I've had it - a special little find in 2008, on an excursion with a friend. I remember being completely obsessed with the Gucci Fall 2008 collection - the bohemian, and Northern European wonders of Frida Giannini's vision. The look: little girls who don't really know what they want, but know what they feel. When I saw this shirt, I pounced upon it, delighting in its voluminous sleeves and soft cotton and delicate neckline...

On a completely random note, I really want to try the new McFlurry special :)

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