can't be afraid of the dark.

Whistle & Flute silk blouse, Erdem pencil skirt, Anteprima tote

A stimulating day at work and a beautiful professional outfit set the tone of the day, as decisions were made on how to move forward in all areas of my current life. A quick dinner with the girls consisted of proper ramen, gyu-don and gyoza, and I made a quick trip to Muji for some socks - not perhaps the exact same as the ones Richard Chai uses, but needed for the boots I'll be sporting all fall/winter. Some chocolate waffle sandwich (with firm creamy ganache in between), bubble tea and caramel popcorn later, we returned back to ma maison to sift through the portions of clothes and accessories for the moving out sale this weekend... I have the quirkiest and most mellow friends in the world; they looked ready to jet off to the Maldives at a second's notice, while I looked like I've been slugging it out at a piled-up desk with an overflowing inbox - then again, I'm the only one returning to a desk job tomorrow morning.

As much as I adore interning (I sat in on a very interesting meeting with a client yesterday), I have so much to do before we leave for college in London that I crave the time to carve out personal life balance and tranquility before the eventual uprooting... at the end of the month to a new family apartment, and further so mid-September to another country. I'll be finishing up with work in a week.

P.S. Thank you, K, for everything tonight :) I don't really like it when people post swag, but the image below is so summer romantic and full of sparkle... xoxo M

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  1. Hey there ! just came across your blog on bloglovin, going to follow you there ! we adore the blouse in this post all the simple details in it are gorgeous especially the little flowy sleeve , going to look out for something like this on our next shopping trip !

    keep bloging.


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