Dear S.

Dear S,
...I miss you so much...

While I've always had this inane desire to be Blair Waldorf (von Ziegesar's written creation or the CW manifestation - said desire stems from reading the first Gossip Girl book when I was 11 despite the content: sex, alcohol, drugs, self-abuse and le smoking... as well as lust for B's wardrobe), it's with immense relief that I'm not really her, or a fictional character.

If I do miss or need one of my best friends, technology has evolved to the point I don't need to write a desperate letter the way B did (Season One, Episode Three) if she needed her best friend because her "world is falling apart" and S was "the only one who would understand". Add on that we don't do the unforgivable and we try to avoid the dramatic as much as we can - I never need to sink to those depths.

A few kilometres away in the same country or halfway around the world, there's a girl who's always going to have my back and tell me her honest opinions, and guide me whenever I'm lost and I'd do the same for her. We know we don't judge each other so we have the power to be ourselves to the extreme, and we know we're going to keep living life in the fast lane but we still know the details in the fabrics of each other's lives (three hour Skype talks are cases in point).

I love you, S. Don't you ever forget that.


P.S. I hope you don't mind if those screenshots from your special appearance on my 19th are up here.

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