repose in opulence.

T-shirt with printed necklaces from Omotesando Hills, G-Star Raw Low-T skinny jeans, Max&Co. raincoat, Marc Jacobs bag, Zara boots

Sometimes a girl just wants to be able to walk in the rain without the hindrance of an umbrella... and so the handy-dandy raincoat comes into play! Yellow plastic raincoats aside, there are beautiful options out there. This Max&Co. raincoat is one of the most special pieces in my closet right now - waterproof with a belted waist, bell sleeves and an elegant collar. After putting it on, I always get the immediate urge to run through rain. The raincoat and boots were bought during the Great Singapore Sale at great value - I can't wait to wear these two pieces in London! This outfit basically made me feel like I could take on anything rather comfortably...

After a few weeks of being sick, ready for some opulence (cue Samantha Jones: "We need to go somewhere rich!") and pampering, I booked a cherry-chocolate wax at Strip and a hair appointment at kimrobinson, and asked C out for a late Japanese lunch at Suju (which I've reviewed here).

Stanley at kimrobinson managed to tame my lionhead of hair, snipping off the dry ends, lightening the amount of hair at the back and adding texture to the hair below my collarbones. The result was exactly what I wanted with more flair: manageable hair that still has length and more volume at the crown! Service at kimrobinson, was of course flawless, as per the salon's reputation...

At Suju, I tried the above variation of tori-itame teishoku, a delicious stir-fry set of eggs and chicken, while C ordered the char-broil grilled chicken with sea salt and black pepper - Suju seasons its dishes really well so both sets had plenty of flavour. Slow-melting and not-too-sweet Hokkaido Azabu Sabo ice cream called our names after... I've always found it hilarious the way the soft serve looks, especially with my favourite ice cream flavour - dark chocolate. C and I went shopping, and my friends will be happy to know that I did not spend a single cent on anything other than food this time! I did, however, spot a really pretty tea party dress at Forever21... Once a shopaholic, always a shopaholic. Oh dear.

Remember darlings, a day of beauty treatments and decadence is the best cure to weeks of feeling rather lackluster! Go ahead and treat yourself...

One of C's favourites of the day - apparently I look like I'm thinking of someone...

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  1. I really loved the first outfit. The second also, but the first was sooooo gorgeous. :)

    EvaEclipse ♥

  2. absolutely love the first outfit...great blog..nice blog