For the past couple of nights, I've been packing my books into boxes in anticipation of the Great Move. After seeing this post on Refinery29, I picked up a length of chiffon that came with my Korean prom dress, and promptly tried to tie a turban - it's an excellent way to keep hair back while wiping musty tomes and killing my back flitting up and down and around. I'm calculating the odds of survival, wearing a tightly bound scarf around my head outdoors in Singapore... According to the Court (of LSE Law classmates), I'm apparently to be known as princess from now on - in a sardonic, ironic, satirical but also flattering sort of way. Venturing out into an imaginary desert as a Persian princess now...
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  1. Love the turban! and thanks for commenting on my blog. I`ve stayed in HK for only a month and I absolutely loved it! Now I`m thinking of ways to move there :).xx