pink leather and deep purple knit and cinnamon bun comfort.


Sparkle & Fade tunic tank dress, Zara scarf, Mulberry Alexa bag, Topshop brogues

Yes, I finally got myself a bag after a couple of years of sharing bags with the Mother - say hello to the darling that is the fuchsia pink Mulberry Alexa! When I first arrived in London, we dropped in at an Amex shopping night at Harvey Nichols and picked up this sweet darling, the perfect introduction to London style.

While K has lamented the various inconveniences of the bag in terms of ways to carry it, closing it, the fastenings, the size and the weight, it's quite easy to master usage of this versatile bag - it's also less heart-breaking to use it for school or running errands, as opposed to the popular Chloé Marcie or Paraty bags, which seem less durable and definitely heavier. I can even fit my 13-inch MacBook, one textbook and all my other knick-knacks into the Alexa with some room to spare.

On the afternoon I debuted the Alexa, I met up with Shiru for some comfort food at Nordic Bakery at Golden Square - I had a slice of orange and poppy seed cake while waiting for a fresh batch of the famous cinnamon buns to come up from the kitchen; simply delicious and just what I needed after an intense week of parties. Shiru's coursemate Stella (of Stella's Wardrobe) is a fellow fashion-addict and coincidentally dropped in at the bakery while we were there; she's developed an obsession for the Alexa and I couldn't resist letting go of it long enough for her to have some pictures with it - there she is up there gleefully holding it :)

Apologies again for the lack of quick updates! I've really been going out too often, but London's addictive and I'm having the time of my life even with the occasional bouts of melancholy and loneliness.


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