two versions of schoolgirl.

Zara cotton turtleneck sweater/jumper, Primark skirt, Topshop tights, Mulberry Alexa, Topshop brogues, Warehouse beanie, DIY necklace, Venetian Murano glass ring

I met up with Stella and Shiru on a Friday afternoon after school for a quick coffee and a browse through Selfridges, only to find that Stella had also gone the schoolgirl route (albeit a more cosy field-frolicking version, rather than my darker intellectual stickler one - this look is reminiscent of the girl who carries a Moleskine everywhere and sits down for coffee [no milk, no sugar] every few hours to ponder things like politics, philosophy and literature - I'm not so sure I'm that girl though Shiru might be), pairing a satchel with lace-up shoes and cute headwear. While it might be slightly OTT for some people to match their accessories by colour, I still adore the pink of my Alexa with these brogues; and the different shades of camel Stella sports are wonderfully in tune with the classic 70s tone of the season.

If you were wondering, my hair's actually up in a high side-pony under the beanie, but I let the ends peek out to create the illusion of a messy shoulder-bob - I've been considering going short but I love long hair too much!

The days are getting shorter even if each day feels like it lasts forever into the night, and I'm piling on more layers; at the end of October I could have just worn this outfit without worrying about getting more ill than I already am, and bare legs were admissible. The only warmth I get during nights out in bare legs on boats and in London clubs is from the various people who pass in and out, holding their glasses up high and losing themselves in the music, the crowd and the celebration of our seemingly endless youth...

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  1. Hi Manda S.,

    I actually gasped in delight when I saw this. You look exceedingly lovely in this outfit.

  2. definitely a much better use of your awesome photos!! You need to teach me how to use a dslr :( i can just about use it on automatic lol.

    ps. I think you might like this www.blondesalad.com xx

  3. HEYYY MANDAAA!!! <3

    London looks so so so cool! Hahaha. but anyway this comment is mainly to tell you i LOVE your skirt! So simple and pretty! :D Take care and stay warm!

  4. Wow the whole outfit works and I love the hat and bag a lot >.<



  5. I love that you girls carry your purses in the crooks of your arms!

    The Red Queen