wahaca and the lady.

Topshop silk shirt, ASOS harem trousers with corset waist detail, Mulberry Alexa, New Look platform chunky heel booties

When Val came down to London a few weeks ago with a friend, I took both of them to Wahaca, possibly my favourite Mexican restaurant here in London - it's a fresh modern spin on Mexican market eating, and everything comes in perfect portions, made with fresh ingredients and remarkably tasty! A must-try for anyone in London; I'm taking some friends to the newly opened branch at Wardour Street next week :)

It's quite true that Taureans are remarkably attuned to liking one style and sticking to it (the trait of loyalty! I'm inspired by a wide range of styles, but I do stick to them). H&M Magazine pointed out that Taureans love what Phobe Philo has done with Celine. The return of lady-like to tailored pieces has done wonders to women's self-confidence - we can dress as powerfully as men but with our own feminine flair added... this silk blouse, paired with a pair of harem trousers (the best - not overly tailored but with enough structure to polish an outfit off) and low-key booties makes a lovely, lovely off-day look that can also double as a work outfit if I add a stunning black tuxedo jacket. Smart, intelligent and polished is sexy.

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  1. Looking through your posts have me green with envy. I wish I were in London -- gosh. Please keep these posts coming!

    The Red Queen

  2. Your blog is just fabulous - it would have been rude not to follow you ;)

    I LOVE the way you've accessorised with your Mulberry. I bought a Bayswater yesterday (the same colour) and wasn't sure whether to keep it or not, but you've just made my decision a lot easier. Deffo gonna keep it. I am after the leopard print Alexa.

    Glad you're enjoying London. :)



  3. I just found your blog via Chictopia, where I just said that I love the jacket in your newest post (also the newest posy on your blog) and I think you have a very nice style and blog! I think I'll come and visit it more often!:) Hope you check out mine too, www.stylebybritt.blogspot.com
    xx Britt