criss-crossing over Manhattan.

Shakuhachi sweater dress, Pretty Polly suspender-print tights, Mulberry Alexa bag, DKNY sneaker heels, Elizabeth and James knuckle ring

It feels like it's been a long time since I was in New York, flitting my way down from Midtown to Greenwich Village in one of my favourite dresses - a Shakuhachi genius of a sweatshirt garment. Its deconstructed look comes together literally with the copious quantity of criss-cross lacing all over which I don't need to ever bother myself with, and results in a very edgy sportswear look that can take me from a morning walk to Bryant Park (where the most charming flower arrangement was tucked against the feet of the Benito Juarez statue), to an enormous slice of pizza at the corner of Bleecker (which has to be my favourite street in New York) and a drink at some random bar downtown.

I do miss Neha and Neeraj as my erstwhile fellow city adventurers, who were nonetheless happy enough to entertain my shopping and food whims (spending a grand amount of time in the Greenwich UO acquiring a gorgeous pink tribal Ecote romper, and some other finds; also, a very late night trip to Magnolia Bakery for super sweet vanilla cupcakes...).

Something about the structured lines of Manhattan filled with discordant crowds of people from everywhere really appeals to the paradoxical tendencies in me.

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GAIL's/EXMOUTH MARKET./33-35 Exmouth Market London EC1R 4QL/T: 0207 713 6550/E: exmouthmarket@gailsbread.co.uk/W: http://www.gailsbread.co.uk/bakeries

A weekend must-have, GAIL's brunch comes in a sweet surprise of twists on all-time favourites. Look to the homemade apple hotcakes served with roasted pears, stewed rhubarb, maple syrup and creme fraiche, or the brioche French toast served with vanilla zabaglione and roasted quince... This GAIL's is in Clerkenwell, the perfect quirky neighbourhood to wander about on a lazy Saturday afternoon. Stella and I started the morning off here and wandered back to Angel to see Ottolenghi (that's for another time) - if you have the time and stomach, consider brunch-hopping.

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welcome back to reality.

Topshop dress (tucked in and worn as a shirt), Vero Moda shorts, Topshop shoes, Max&Co. bag

Now back from summer, London swirls into a mass of uncertainty as second year descends upon us - and I'm reminded of bright sunshine and fluttering dresses and brunch al fresco... I really like the idea of wearing my dresses as tops, tucked into unassuming shorts or trousers. Definitely an idea to re-visit soon.
I promise a flurry of the summer posts is about to hit the blog :) And more updates about my crazy second year - I'm not even sure how I got here.

"all eyes on me in the center of the ring, just like a circus..."

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doing the modern pretty.

H&M sweater, United Colors of Benetton white button-up collared shirt (worn under sweater), Topshop harem pants, Mulberry Alexa bag, Zara wedge boots, ASOS fedora

Kevin and I popped out to the Tate Modern one fine weekend, and drowned ourselves in abstract, cynical, and witty art. Ai Weiwei's sunflower seeds were love, and the photography exhibition was amazing. Topped off with a jaunty fedora, my preppy self snapped and snapped - sometimes loose, layered casual prep-school with a twist of ankle wedge boots lets you get away with the most absurd faces and obsessions.


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no more teen spirit(?).

AllSaints leather jacket, Ecoté romper, Givenchy Nightingale bag, Jeffrey Campbell Lita platform booties (not pictured), Elizabeth and James knuckle ring

For the past few years, I've had the pleasure of throwing big house parties for my friends on my birthdays - the first birthday I've ever had away from Singapore was spent with some of my closest friends in London, pigging out on a massive Japanese buffet at Hi-Sushi Izakaya in Covent Garden, with some Moët and plenty of Hummingbird Bakery red velvet birthday cake (thank you to Ava and Bekka for helping to get the cakes! <3 - and the scraped side of one cake didn't matter; one of you couldn't resist an early taste? ;P), after which half the party headed to the school library a few blocks away - exams started this week.

Nothing like a mountain of Japanese sushi and champagne to get the brain cogs going, really.

Also significant - the first birthday away from home and family marked my twentieth: an elevation further into adulthood and lack of excuses to be ignorant, more impulsive, less responsible... but I'll embrace the future wholeheartedly because we can't stop time (not that I'll stop hoping once the wrinkles start emerging), and it holds endless possibilities. (I think.)

The cheerful bright pink Ecoté romper I picked up at Urban Outfitters in the West Village in April is one of my favourite pieces now (thank you to Neha for the reassurances that it wasn't too... splashy or bubbly, and for leading me away from the baby blue option), and I surmise it'll be worn to death this summer, being easy breezy fun. It's also a welcome addition to my typically black, grey, khaki, brown, blue and white wardrobe, and I can top it with a sweater, and wear with tights when summer turns back to autumn. I've always tried to shy away from pink in my late teenage years, as it was a prominent feature in my childhood wardrobe (*wince*), but no one can resist this tribal salmon confection.

Thank you again to the friends who made it to the dinner, and all the wishes sent from all over the world via the different technological platforms I'm so thankful for; much love to everyone for making my twentieth more than bearable despite the onset of first-year university examinations! ♥


P.S. One can't help but think of Nirvana when one leaves one's teens.

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