Have been rediscovering old loves like Snog (a month away is a long time), and Diana F+ Instant Back photos. School has been going better than it did the whole of last term, and I'm starting to fall back in love with law and the study of it. My wardrobe seems to have been confined to t-shirts, two pairs of jeans, various sweaters and cardigans, trusty beat-up leather Jack Purcells and two pairs of big bad black boots. Creativity starts up tomorrow... and I honestly can't wait for next weekend, with Chinese New Year dinners and a friend coming down, promising to bring a little more glamour into my (sort of) dreary student life, and perhaps Paris in a couple of weeks...

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back to school (Lent term 2011)

Lent term's started and I'm exhausted even though it's only been a week in, and there are ten weeks left (special 11-week term woohoo). There's the LSESU Fashion Society LDN fashion show coming up on February 4, and a few MUN conferences, in addition to the massive mountains of readings and class prep for law school. Above are some images of things that have been getting me by everyday... macarons, Krispy Kremes, magazines, little special deliveries to hall reception that I pick up after long days of tutorials, lectures and meetings, and good food out with friends...

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crowds rushing through: hk 2010

Topshop blazer, Lanvin for H&M t-shirt, Nigel Hall men's merino cardigan, Marc by Marc Jacobs tuxedo shorts, Elizabeth and James knuckle ring, Miu Miu bag, Zara wedge boots

Despite heavy snow and a traumatic weekend of hand-wringing worry about flight conditions, BA0025 was on schedule to Hong Kong right before Christmas and I spent the following week with my parents and sister there, stocking up on pieces from Japanese, Korean and local lines, eating to my Asian heart's content, meeting up with local friends (and a couple of best friends visiting from Singapore) and enjoying the cool (but relatively warm to London) weather.

The temperature was so lovely that I debuted this Lanvin for H&M t-shirt, bought on the line's launch-date in November, just because I didn't need to cover it up with a bulky winter coat. With all those embellishments and cheeky sketches, the t-shirt deserves to be in the centre of attention, hence the tan accessories and muted jacket and shorts - I'd loved the other designs Alber Elbaz came up with, but imagine this t-shirt with a fluffy black crinoline skirt... I also got my hair cut quite a bit shorter by my favourite stylist in Tsim Sha Tsui, because I'm not sure if I'll get it cut anytime in the next 6 months - I plan to grow it out to summer waist-length!

C was one of my best friends visiting Hong Kong for the holidays (we both have families in Hong Kong), and we met up for shopping, sushi and girl-talk on Boxing Day. She toughened up a girly pleated skirt dress by adding her favourite leather jacket and heeled knee-high leather boots. I love that her Fall-Winter 2010 DKNY cozy gave the look some fun bursts of colour that complemented her bold red nail colour!

Some other photos I love from the trip...

I hadn't watched a movie in ages but we had to buy our own 3D glasses at the cinema for Tron! I adore that they look like Oakley Wayfarers but cost only HKD6 (less than 50p) each.

Lots to pack back to London...

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