Have been rediscovering old loves like Snog (a month away is a long time), and Diana F+ Instant Back photos. School has been going better than it did the whole of last term, and I'm starting to fall back in love with law and the study of it. My wardrobe seems to have been confined to t-shirts, two pairs of jeans, various sweaters and cardigans, trusty beat-up leather Jack Purcells and two pairs of big bad black boots. Creativity starts up tomorrow... and I honestly can't wait for next weekend, with Chinese New Year dinners and a friend coming down, promising to bring a little more glamour into my (sort of) dreary student life, and perhaps Paris in a couple of weeks...

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  1. i REALLY like your blog.
    beaut pictures, > i love love LOVE snog. andd carluccios is one of my favourite restaurants. good choices!
    what slr camera do you own?
    follow eachother? i'm already following you!
    PD x<3