happy lunar new year 2011, with love.

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Happy Chinese New Year, loves!

It's my first year celebrating Chinese New Year without my family and family friends and it feels odd when everyone's eating 年糕 (year-cake, a sticky special new year cake) back home without me. Samantha and I had a quiet, content little 团圆饭 evening at Brunswick in our red lipstick, gold glitter eyes and red apparel, instead of heading to big noisy group gatherings...

It's almost the middle of Lent term and the halfway point of first year law has arrived; some of us are falling ill, prey to late nights up preparing for tutorials and writing essays and applications for workshops, events and internships. Reflecting upon any discontent in my life is a luxury I reserve for sharing with friends... There is nothing but gratitude and love in me for my true friends who've supported me in the past few months and kept me sane, moving on and going on with my blessed life.

I'm having my Chinese New Year resolutions written up slowly over the fifteen days of the Lunar New Year though, and one of these resolutions is to spend time taking care of internal conflicts by spilling my thoughts and heart out to the pages of a beaten-up Moleskine notebook. Other resolutions include, of course, the requisite fitness and health bits, and organization goals (+ keeping my blog updated!). And an important one: tampering the perfectionist in me. I didn't write any resolutions out at the beginning of January or even the end of December, but S sent an email a few hours ago and reminded me of the merits of a resolutions list.

To my friends and family back in Asia, have more of the decadent New Year goodies and bask in the exuberance and celebration of a shiny New Year; I'm imagining myself back home at the dining room table right now sitting down to a New Year breakfast with Mami, Daddy and La...

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