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elevenses blazer, KBF shirt, Simon Preen skirt, Kate Spade clutch, Max&Co. boots, Urban Outfitters body-chain/necklace

iPad 2

The school library stays open twenty-four hours after the first term of the university year. After a few all-nighters and clocking in at least fifteen hours a week, you'd think I would have gone through plenty of books, but my personal reading has been severely neglected in the past six months. I finally had a chance to do a little bit of shopping in the past two weeks with term assignments and lectures wrapping up - V and I ducked into Anthropologie on Regent Street, where I picked up the perfect white linen blazer for spring, and swooned over the rows of Penguin Classics on the shelves of rugged wooden display cabinet and the little avant-garde book section on the first floor.

The very next day, V and I queued at the Covent Garden Apple store for the iPad 2 and promptly bought ours an hour after the UK release time. While she's been using it to watch Korean dramas, I've downloaded iBooks, Stanza, Wattpad, Kobo and Overdrive Media Console - the last of which is an ingenious tool I use to borrow eBooks from the Singapore National Library. On the iPad, I've already read five books over two days. Nothing like a tech-y gadget to bring the bookworm out.

Inspired by books, books and more books, Sunday's look meant the white linen blazer, a soft loose button-up sheer shirt from my favourite Japanese line KBF, a stretchy mini and well-worn knee-high brown leather boots (plus a round face, real nerd glasses and hair pinned back to prevent obstruction of vision), topped off with the coup de grâce of library geek essentials, a Kate Spade clutch from the adorable
Publishing line.

Designed to look like a book, this darling has tricked many of my friends when I've carried it out. I was delighted when Kate Spade chose the Great Gatsby as "Vol I" in the series, as it's one of my favourite books (most people obsessed with fashion have read it). While I first spotted the clutch here in London at the Kate Spade pop-up on Henrietta Street last fall, I picked the clutch up on sale at Harbour City in Hong Kong. Even though it has a hint of novelty, it's been versatile enough for afternoon tea, dinners out and a quick dash out for coffee, and fits everything from hand cream to two cellphones.

Well, here's to more reading...

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  1. Haha, I couldn't tell whether your clutch was actually a book or not.