GAIL's/EXMOUTH MARKET./33-35 Exmouth Market London EC1R 4QL/T: 0207 713 6550/E: exmouthmarket@gailsbread.co.uk/W: http://www.gailsbread.co.uk/bakeries

A weekend must-have, GAIL's brunch comes in a sweet surprise of twists on all-time favourites. Look to the homemade apple hotcakes served with roasted pears, stewed rhubarb, maple syrup and creme fraiche, or the brioche French toast served with vanilla zabaglione and roasted quince... This GAIL's is in Clerkenwell, the perfect quirky neighbourhood to wander about on a lazy Saturday afternoon. Stella and I started the morning off here and wandered back to Angel to see Ottolenghi (that's for another time) - if you have the time and stomach, consider brunch-hopping.

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