Soulmatefood part II: so, that's finished...

So, I wouldn't say that the cleanse failed because I really didn't have any full solid meals besides the juices for all five days. However, it is true that I found it impossible to stay on the cleanse completely. The benefit of a juice cleanse, however, is that it takes you away from five days of normal eating and drinking, making it starkly clear what you might want to change about your usual eating and drinking habits.

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Soulmatefood: starting my final Michaelmas Term with a clean plate.

So I'm back in London for my final year of the LLB. In the course of my return at the end of September, I had squeezed my schedule a little tight - I finished a bank internship on Thursday; packed, went to the doctor, and karaoke-d for four hours until 4am on Friday; took a 13.5 hour flight to London at 1pm on Saturday; and on Sunday, I had a 6 hour long photo-and-video taking session across the south bank of the Thames and in Covent Garden that started at 8am, before baking until 12am.

And we had two days of Freshers' Fayre after.

It wasn't surprising that I wound up with stomach flu on the first day of the Fayre, and spent the second day curled up in a ball. Also, the indulgences I had food-wise over the past few months have  taken a toll on my system.

The Soulmatefood Juice Cleanse sounded like a pretty good idea to try and clean up that system.

"Suitable for everyone from sedentary chair-sitters to active, busy chair-builders, the juices are designed to help give grumpy metabolisms and digestive systems a kick in the bottom." 

I started on Tuesday, with the juices delivered in the morning in a couple of boxes, still chilled with special gel packs. When I opened the boxes, I panicked at the number of juice bottles: 30 for 5 days. Woah. There are six types of juices, to be consumed by sipping slowly every two hours after waking up. Also, I am to drink 6 glasses of water and only exercise lightly, and not drink any other fluid.

Just so you know, Soulmatefood is having an Autumn promotion - £55 for a three-day cleanse, and £75 for the five-day cleanse. It's a pretty sweet deal.

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Burglary jewellery: visual feast, and a double-function as armour.

Burglary jewellery: Watermelon Sorbet necklace, Summer Glow neon yellow cord and gold chain bracelet, Edge Of Thorns spiked bangle, When Skulls Collide bangle, Caught In Claw ring, Remains Of An Urchin ring, Aztec Fangs ring

I recently discovered Burglary, an online treasure trove of carefully selected and affordable sharp (sometimes literally) statement costume jewellery. Am quite sure I've purchased half of their catalogue, but new or revived pieces come in every week or so. I was very happy when their Highway Unicorn earrings came back into stock.

My favourite piece so far is the Watermelon Sorbet necklace, which gives a Kool-Aid kick to any top. I wore it to the Stella McCartney opening and it even popped on my very complex-print 3.1 Phillip Lim blouse. Upon arrival at the party, I promptly attached a yellow Stella McCartney plastic laser-cut palette badge to it - the chain link size is perfect for pin-attachment.

Another favourite piece would be the Aztec Fangs ring as it's been useful to ward overly-attentive strangers in Singaporean clubs. Any girl who's clubbed in Singapore knows that the local men's favourite approach is from behind and sometimes elbows are insufficient armour. Keep the ringed-fist in a certain way behind your back and ta-da! pesky guy gone.

My friend Crystal tells me Burglary is a blogshop, but its website is remarkably well-executed and user-friendly. Shipping is free within Singapore, and packages arrive within a few days - highly recommended for crazy jewellery junkies.

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the garden party: Stella McCartney Singapore opening at the Hilton.

When Swen and I walked out of the lift into what we thought would be a small cocktail reception, we were instead greeted by a veritable English garden paradise, complete with a "STELLA" balloon-emblazoned ivy arch, white picket fencing, hedgerows and Astroturf.

Of course, being a party where guests came decked out in their best modern and citified interpretations of English tea party gear, no-mess canapes served included mini pizzas, veggie dogs, cotton candy, teensy-weensie brownie and donut bites. Glasses of Veuve Clicquot and appropriate garden cocktails were served, and tea party-suited funfair games were set up for enjoyment (ring toss with full Veuve bottles, anyone?). Swen and I watched in amazement as models decked out in the best (and what seemed to be the most figure-hugging) ensembles of the Fall Winter 2012 collection challenged little kids to a game of foosball, blew lots of bubbles about, and tried to hook some ducks or knock down some tin cans.

Stella McCartney is a designer who truly believes in making the world a better place by practicing what she preaches about sustainability (no leather, no meat diet), and I have very much admired how she's tailored her designs to be versatile and long-wearing pieces you can recycle, so to speak, year after year.

We left with some rather embarrassing photo-booth prints, long-stemmed pale pink English roses, balloon animals adorning our heads, foil balloons, and plenty of party goodie bag items (the kind we got when we were 6 years old). Thank you for throwing the best evening English tea party, Stella McCartney Singapore!

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more of the garden ball.

So here's more of my photo diary of that night, of us running about the gardens with my DSLR all fancied up with a massive flash attachment, and dancing by statues after downing glass after glass of white wine. Can't wait for next year's law ball - it's the final one for us...

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apple and the lone blackberry.

Recently acquired an 11-inch MacBook Air for portability. It's been excellent as a supplementary screen next to the massive HP desktop at the office, and my iPhone's functioned as a lovely portable Personal Hotspot (hello, 12GB of monthly data courtesy of SingTel!).

Of course, this means that when I board the plane to London on the 29th of September, I'll be toting two MacBooks, two iPhones, an iPad and my lone Blackberry Torch (due to be relegated to the back of my technology closet in November). Oh, and of course, a DSLR body, three lenses (thank goodness I didn't bring my flash attachment back to Singapore), and my Diana F+ with its Instaback.

This is probably why I always have a technological backload - photographs to be uploaded, Google Reader and email items to be read. Overwhelmed by lots of Apple and a lone Blackberry.

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the royal blue dress.

Reiss dress, AllSaints leather jacket, Nicholas Kirkwood heels, Chanel purse, Kaza bracelets

I'm quite sure that Kate Middleton spurred on the rampage of royal blue dresses on the market after that unforgettable engagement dress. I found a treasure of a evening dress at a Reiss sample sale, perfect for the law ball. At about a fourth of the original price, it presented a deep V in the back, an interestingly haphazard asymmetrical hem, and various methods to tie said hem up with two satin cords attached to the edge of the "V" and a metal eyelet on one side of the hem.
Versatile column dresses are my favourite kind of evening dress; in the day, a sweater makes them casual enough for brunch. After hopping all over Kew Gardens, I dragged on my leather jacket and burrowed deep into its warmth as we left for the long car ride back to Covent Garden.

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a night of diamonds and popcorn.

This sweet store manager was in Sweet Home Alabama's proposal scene!

Topshop Boutique dress, Marni belt, Givenchy bag, Dorothy Perkins leopard print pumps, Kurt Geiger headband

Trying on Tiffany rings is some of the most fun a girl can have... and learning how to study diamonds and style! Thank you to the China Development Society at LSE for such a wonderful night, and Tiffany's for the delicious canapes and popcorn!
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