DKNY: gold leaf, black leather.

DKNY Jeans gold leaf t-shirt, H&M leather-panel skirt, Marc Jacobs bag, Alexander McQueen peep-toe booties, Urban Outfitters body chain necklace

Mum and I were invited to shop the DKNY collection in a preview where I picked up this t-shirt and wore it to the show last year, with C. Before coming to London, about 70% of my tops were t-shirts to suit the Singaporean climate; a great deal of them came from DKNY. Besides the general logo t-shirts (I don't really remember having any but I probably did have a few as a DKNY kid), there are rare t-shirt gems if you hunt. This gold-leaf embellished tee is perfect, slouchy and soft - it would be perfect with any manner of maxi skirt (I'm thinking double-slit yum).

Picked up these McQueen darlings in a Selfridges sale. I really couldn't resist the intricate gold angel wing embroidery, especially since these came from his last Angels and Demons collection; a little bit of McQueen to keep...

Sometimes I think I wear too much black leather. If I were in London in this outfit (and if the weather permitted somehow), I might have tossed on my black leather jacket for convenience. But black leather is decadent and delicious and so at odds with the bespectacled nerd I was as a kid that it's likely to remain a big part of my closet life.

The collection was a hodge-podge of sorts, but I loved the massive green slouchy knit cardigan (it's in my closet now), and the ombre coat (didn't get it - I have too many coats!) and the way every look was tossed together. As a teenager, DKNY was my first proper look at fashion, and I had my first proper drink at an evening DKNY show - Chivas on the rocks. The DKNY store staff saw me grow up, and I picked up so many styling tips from eight years of biannual shows and styling workshops. The "city" theme that runs through all the DKNY collections has stayed through most of my closet (save for a boho phase or two, but you could argue that New York has its fair share of hippies and hipsters) and the simplicity of the brand's looks has inspired me to keep my looks more minimalist, and sometimes more sportswear.

I don't think I would dress the same today if it weren't for DKNY - thank you from deep within

Think this little girl might end up a DKNY girl through and through years from now...?

P.S. Saw a crazy booth along Orchard Road spouting off these smiley bubble cut-outs... made my day even better!

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fooling about with sweets: banana chip bread.

See the lovely specks of vanilla bean paste...?

Banana Bread. Yeeeeah.

Law student woes temporarily lifted with a magical thing called banana bread - I left my favourite banana chip bread recipe in Singapore, so I dug through the internet and found a brilliant double/triple-batch recipe by a mother of 10 (O.O) at Yes They Are All Ours. For some odd reason, chocolate chips are notoriously evasive in British supermarkets. I bought a bar of dark chocolate and set to work the chopper attachment on my newest favourite kitchen toy: the Breville hand blender. Woo!

Not content to have the whole of the banana bread spread through with cocoa, I took a leaf out of Pastry Affair's book and battered up half of the batter with A LOT of cocoa before ladling the batter into a) a large roasting tin b) a mini muffin pan. Next time, I'll try this tip of a even sugar coating for more sinfulness.

The mini muffins went to my friend Steph as a gift at her birthday dinner (we had Ethiopian :D) and the packaging was very well-received. I used an egg carton because I had forgotten to stock up on cake boxes, but it worked out very well with the help of a strategic magazine page.

In other recent baking news, I tried making this cinnamon pull-apart bread - I don't think I've got the gift of yeast management but everyone gobbled it up like cake because of the copious amounts of butter and sugar I used (you don't really want to know how much...).

Also, I picked up meringue making for a quick after dinner treat (recipe on the BBC) - I made mine without the raspberry vinegar, with chopped chocolate mixed in.

I'll be baking up a storm the coming Saturday for the first house party I'm going to have in London! Am rather excited - posted the Facebook event right before midnight and less than 12 hours later I have 14 confirmed guests. One thing I don't like about Facebook is that you can't see who you've already ticked off when you're planning your guestlist... I ended up inviting over 60 people when I originally planned to invite less than 40 -.- I don't know if my apartment can hold even 30 but let's hope so.

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vintage tea party for B.

Flea market dress, vintage belt

As my 21st approaches, I'm trawling through copious ideas - I really loved what we did for B's birthday... B, Jayne, Petrina and I went to Barracks at Dempsey Hill, where three summers ago we had the same truffle fries and giggled about like silly fools. Completing IB, working various odd jobs, baking lots of sweet things and a year of uni later, we still laughed like silly girls at our inside jokes and pet names and each others' quirks. (J joined us later on in the day and we had other laughs then :D)

Alice in Wonderland meets the lady and the bookworm, the Vintage Tea Party high tea buffet did not disappoint - B and I could have stayed all day picking through the books and drinking the four different teas on offer. The pizzettas astounded, the tarts delighted and the cakes screamed "you're going to need a few laps about the pool tomorrow". And of course, we ordered truffle fries - and the waiter added his own touch to the ketchup :)

Well, I think I'm throwing a Marie Antoinette sort of after-dinner soiree, charmed by some sort of magical element. We'll see...

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