fooling about with sweets: banana chip bread.

See the lovely specks of vanilla bean paste...?

Banana Bread. Yeeeeah.

Law student woes temporarily lifted with a magical thing called banana bread - I left my favourite banana chip bread recipe in Singapore, so I dug through the internet and found a brilliant double/triple-batch recipe by a mother of 10 (O.O) at Yes They Are All Ours. For some odd reason, chocolate chips are notoriously evasive in British supermarkets. I bought a bar of dark chocolate and set to work the chopper attachment on my newest favourite kitchen toy: the Breville hand blender. Woo!

Not content to have the whole of the banana bread spread through with cocoa, I took a leaf out of Pastry Affair's book and battered up half of the batter with A LOT of cocoa before ladling the batter into a) a large roasting tin b) a mini muffin pan. Next time, I'll try this tip of a even sugar coating for more sinfulness.

The mini muffins went to my friend Steph as a gift at her birthday dinner (we had Ethiopian :D) and the packaging was very well-received. I used an egg carton because I had forgotten to stock up on cake boxes, but it worked out very well with the help of a strategic magazine page.

In other recent baking news, I tried making this cinnamon pull-apart bread - I don't think I've got the gift of yeast management but everyone gobbled it up like cake because of the copious amounts of butter and sugar I used (you don't really want to know how much...).

Also, I picked up meringue making for a quick after dinner treat (recipe on the BBC) - I made mine without the raspberry vinegar, with chopped chocolate mixed in.

I'll be baking up a storm the coming Saturday for the first house party I'm going to have in London! Am rather excited - posted the Facebook event right before midnight and less than 12 hours later I have 14 confirmed guests. One thing I don't like about Facebook is that you can't see who you've already ticked off when you're planning your guestlist... I ended up inviting over 60 people when I originally planned to invite less than 40 -.- I don't know if my apartment can hold even 30 but let's hope so.

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