vintage tea party for B.

Flea market dress, vintage belt

As my 21st approaches, I'm trawling through copious ideas - I really loved what we did for B's birthday... B, Jayne, Petrina and I went to Barracks at Dempsey Hill, where three summers ago we had the same truffle fries and giggled about like silly fools. Completing IB, working various odd jobs, baking lots of sweet things and a year of uni later, we still laughed like silly girls at our inside jokes and pet names and each others' quirks. (J joined us later on in the day and we had other laughs then :D)

Alice in Wonderland meets the lady and the bookworm, the Vintage Tea Party high tea buffet did not disappoint - B and I could have stayed all day picking through the books and drinking the four different teas on offer. The pizzettas astounded, the tarts delighted and the cakes screamed "you're going to need a few laps about the pool tomorrow". And of course, we ordered truffle fries - and the waiter added his own touch to the ketchup :)

Well, I think I'm throwing a Marie Antoinette sort of after-dinner soiree, charmed by some sort of magical element. We'll see...

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