apple and the lone blackberry.

Recently acquired an 11-inch MacBook Air for portability. It's been excellent as a supplementary screen next to the massive HP desktop at the office, and my iPhone's functioned as a lovely portable Personal Hotspot (hello, 12GB of monthly data courtesy of SingTel!).

Of course, this means that when I board the plane to London on the 29th of September, I'll be toting two MacBooks, two iPhones, an iPad and my lone Blackberry Torch (due to be relegated to the back of my technology closet in November). Oh, and of course, a DSLR body, three lenses (thank goodness I didn't bring my flash attachment back to Singapore), and my Diana F+ with its Instaback.

This is probably why I always have a technological backload - photographs to be uploaded, Google Reader and email items to be read. Overwhelmed by lots of Apple and a lone Blackberry.

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