Burglary jewellery: visual feast, and a double-function as armour.

Burglary jewellery: Watermelon Sorbet necklace, Summer Glow neon yellow cord and gold chain bracelet, Edge Of Thorns spiked bangle, When Skulls Collide bangle, Caught In Claw ring, Remains Of An Urchin ring, Aztec Fangs ring

I recently discovered Burglary, an online treasure trove of carefully selected and affordable sharp (sometimes literally) statement costume jewellery. Am quite sure I've purchased half of their catalogue, but new or revived pieces come in every week or so. I was very happy when their Highway Unicorn earrings came back into stock.

My favourite piece so far is the Watermelon Sorbet necklace, which gives a Kool-Aid kick to any top. I wore it to the Stella McCartney opening and it even popped on my very complex-print 3.1 Phillip Lim blouse. Upon arrival at the party, I promptly attached a yellow Stella McCartney plastic laser-cut palette badge to it - the chain link size is perfect for pin-attachment.

Another favourite piece would be the Aztec Fangs ring as it's been useful to ward overly-attentive strangers in Singaporean clubs. Any girl who's clubbed in Singapore knows that the local men's favourite approach is from behind and sometimes elbows are insufficient armour. Keep the ringed-fist in a certain way behind your back and ta-da! pesky guy gone.

My friend Crystal tells me Burglary is a blogshop, but its website is remarkably well-executed and user-friendly. Shipping is free within Singapore, and packages arrive within a few days - highly recommended for crazy jewellery junkies.

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