Soulmatefood part II: so, that's finished...

So, I wouldn't say that the cleanse failed because I really didn't have any full solid meals besides the juices for all five days. However, it is true that I found it impossible to stay on the cleanse completely. The benefit of a juice cleanse, however, is that it takes you away from five days of normal eating and drinking, making it starkly clear what you might want to change about your usual eating and drinking habits.

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Soulmatefood: starting my final Michaelmas Term with a clean plate.

So I'm back in London for my final year of the LLB. In the course of my return at the end of September, I had squeezed my schedule a little tight - I finished a bank internship on Thursday; packed, went to the doctor, and karaoke-d for four hours until 4am on Friday; took a 13.5 hour flight to London at 1pm on Saturday; and on Sunday, I had a 6 hour long photo-and-video taking session across the south bank of the Thames and in Covent Garden that started at 8am, before baking until 12am.

And we had two days of Freshers' Fayre after.

It wasn't surprising that I wound up with stomach flu on the first day of the Fayre, and spent the second day curled up in a ball. Also, the indulgences I had food-wise over the past few months have  taken a toll on my system.

The Soulmatefood Juice Cleanse sounded like a pretty good idea to try and clean up that system.

"Suitable for everyone from sedentary chair-sitters to active, busy chair-builders, the juices are designed to help give grumpy metabolisms and digestive systems a kick in the bottom." 

I started on Tuesday, with the juices delivered in the morning in a couple of boxes, still chilled with special gel packs. When I opened the boxes, I panicked at the number of juice bottles: 30 for 5 days. Woah. There are six types of juices, to be consumed by sipping slowly every two hours after waking up. Also, I am to drink 6 glasses of water and only exercise lightly, and not drink any other fluid.

Just so you know, Soulmatefood is having an Autumn promotion - £55 for a three-day cleanse, and £75 for the five-day cleanse. It's a pretty sweet deal.

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