pavement pounding.

Sass & Bide top, Minkpink jeans, ASOS faux fur jacket, Céline Luggage tote, Dorothy Perkins lace-up boots

Winter in London does not require the effort of three down jackets and three layers of tights (although, please feel free to disagree because it just snowed last week - snow! In March!). However, it does still require some outerwear. More often than not, I like to throw on a gaudy faux fur over one of those Erin Wasson casual get-ups just to equip myself against any harsh winter winds outside while making sure I retain the quintessential ahem, 'cool-girl' interior look. And really, no one cares if you're wearing something gaudy in Soho.

I don't think I have a pair of fire-engine red jeans, because the 'hipster' label was smacked right on them when everyone was wearing a pair three years ago. Of course, with the emergence of sexy Céline, Alexander Wang and Saint Laurent minimalist strappy sandals in the past two seasons, red jeans seem to have re-emerged as something screaming greased-up sexy. Meanwhile, here's a compromise in the form of my trusty Minkpink jeans - a brighter maroon with more crimson than brown. Minkpink doesn't usually do denim, but these work perfectly for university days and lazy errand days, and I believe they only took £10 to acquire. I know they're crazy slouchy too, but since I only use them for casual everyday wear, I don't believe in getting them tailored to perfection.

Finally, let's talk shoes - I picked these lace-up booties up half-price at Dorothy Perkins. I often get asked where to find affordable and comfortable heels - here's the pretty little secret: some of my favourite and most-used heels come from Dorothy Perkins. Oddly, they never give you the same burn as the Topshop heel arches.

So there you have it. Nothing better than Dorothy Perkins for pavement-pounding shoes.

P.S. Yes, there's my baby of a Céline Luggage tote.

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