clash of the pale prints.

Marni x H&M pyjama top and belt, Cos cape, Alexander Wang Rocco bag, Dorothy Perkins lace-up boots, Primark (!) gold collar

For dinner with an old friend at Ducksoup (which serves excellent, excellent dishes with ingredients you don't get everyday, everywhere), I clashed my favourite (and only) pyjama shirt with a painterly dress layered underneath. I love this shirt to death and can spend days using it as a cardigan, under a sweater, and paired with tiny shorts at home.

Of course, my bright yellow Rocco outshone everything else and yelled, "I'm so pretty and happy, look at me!". It's the ultimate in heavy-duty bags, fitting my DSLR, a law textbook and my Macbook Air, along with my usual knick-knacks, all at the same time in the most convenient way thanks to the cylindrical shape. I finally understand why the Rocco has withstood the test of changing seasons and retained it-bag status in the streetstyle movement.

While I'm a big fan of bare legs and I can resist the lure of tights, I'm not so brave to shy away from warming the upper body in the face of London winds - this Cos cape with a turtleneck collar works nicely to shield wind from seeping through silk clothing.

Photos by P, whom I captured in a nice night shot here:

And here's a bonus candid of me:

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