Blank minimalist canvases + Marc by Marc Jacobs x Vulture Magazine

Ministry of Retail bow waist top, Marni for H&M trousers, Dorothy Perkins pumps, Givenchy Pandora, Alive & Live Asti necklace

JUNE, July, August, September and now mid-October - I took a long, long break from blogging for a few reasons:

1) Travel: Madrid, the French Rivera, Toronto, New York City, Athens and Santorini!
2) Moving out of my London apartment... and back to Singapore: you can imagine the amount of packing that had to be done.

Believing I could live far from my London wardrobe for a few months, I packed my things off onto a ship and came back to wait patiently.

Or not so patiently.

I rediscovered Asian fast fashion through two new favourite websites: Ministry of Retail stocks day-to-day wear, and Zalora is the Asian version of ASOS. If there's a style in Asia that's stood out in the past decade, it is the modern minimalism favoured by some of my favourite designers such as Alexander Wang, Phillip Lim and Junya Watanabe. Case in point: the bow waist top I found on Ministry of Retail is the perfect balance of minimalism and embellishment. While the shirt is cut to be over-sized in a parachute silhouette, little windows encasing the waist hooded by grosgrain bows are a play on the several-cut-outs-on-skintight-dresses trend that has emerged in recent years. I painted on a costume necklace and opulent silk trousers, finishing off with winter colours via a deep moss green Pandora and black pointed pumps for a party at 7213 in celebration of the new Marc by Marc Jacobs store at ION Orchard opened by Club21 and Vulture Magazine's first anniversary.

Andrea of The Haute Heel and I spent an evening viewing the "Obsessions: New Generation" exhibition showcased at the event, from the pastel shades of Robert Zhao Ren Hui's A Heartwarming Feeling, a creative project to document the colours generated in pinhole cameras attached to migratory birds through their journey, to the alien beauty of Zhang Jingna's Motherland Chronicles, while The Analog Girl and Marco Weibel of Darker Than Wax spun out electroclash, soul and house. (I must confess, this was interspersed with tailing waitresses toting trays of delicate canapés by 2am:lab. Unable to help my foodie self, I popped to the kitchen to view the whole selection of miniscule burgers, miniscule parmesan chicken bites, miniscule foie gras-topped cakes, Choya gel cheesecake nibbles and yuzu white chocolate jewels...)

Thanks so much for the invitation to your lovely party, Club21 and Marc by Marc Jacobs!

P.S. A very odd thought popped up in my head as I went through the photographs Andrea took of me: it might be derived faintly through the portrayals in Girls, Sex & the City, and other works set in big cities that city girls inevitably engage in the practice of attending art gallery and exhibition parties. Juxtapose the photo at the exhibition and the much grittier photo in front of the corrugated metal.

Photos by Andrea and myself.
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