2014: Clean slate.

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EVERY new year, a spate of magazine covers proudly display stories like "NEW YEAR, NEW YOU!" "THE RESOLUTIONS TO MAKE FOR 2014" and "HOW TO MAKE 2014 THE BEST YEAR OF YOUR LIFE!" The cynic in me is derisive of how a new year is capitalised by these magazines, but the dreamer understands that a new year represents a chance to take a deep breath, look back at mistakes we've made and learn from them to keep growing and improving.

The start of a new year represents a mark on the timeline. It is a chance to measure results and set new goals in the form of "New Year Resolutions". In our history, mankind has likely used a point in time every four seasons to celebrate the completion of the previous cycle through four seasons and plan for the next cycle. For the last few years, I've lost sight of how useful the start of a new year can be, but 2013 is the most tumultuous year I've ever experienced and reflecting on it to plan for 2014 (and beyond) has been cathartic. I won't list down my goals for 2014 for all to see, but thank you to all the writers who've posted on resolution-writing because nothing fits a new year better than fresh perspectives.

What isn't included in my resolutions is the goal of blogging more often here. Somewhere along the way, blogging became less of an organic process and something a little more tiresome. What I would like to do is rediscover my love for getting the shots just right, and expressing my personal style (and its evolution). My friend and I are currently working on a lifestyle project together - the both of us have found so many things in our lives that have made them just the little more vibrant, and we'd like to start sharing.

On a last note, thank you so much to the family and friends who have supported and encouraged me and continue to do so. I hope I've done so and will continue to do the same for you.

So here's to 2014. I wish everyone an incredibly happy new year, and I hope my blog will give you a little inspiration each time you visit!

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