twinkling embellished illusions.

Sportmax embellished t-shirt, ASOS pencil skirt, ASOS Hollywood heeled sandals, Marni leather shoulder bag/clutch, Marc Jacobs round sunglasses

WHEN I moved home from London, my mother despaired because my clothes overtook real estate space i.e. the extra closet in the study.

-- You have to clear out things. And think about what kind of wardrobe you want to keep and the look you aspire to.

I tossed the short cotton dresses, ragged tank tops and odd bits and pieces I'd worn as a teenager, and got organised. My hanger rack now goes something like this from left to right: shorts, skirts, trousers, tops, jackets, rompers, daywear dresses, weekend dresses, late evening dresses, formal dresses and businesswear. My jeans, some shorts and skirts, sweaters and cardigans are all folded in neat piles underneath. My t-shirts and vests are in drawers, along with some knitwear (hanging up knits can stretch them out).

I didn't realise it was terribly time-saving, but I have proudly rid myself of the "I have nothing to wear!" habit of rifling through the whole rack.

The result is a fresher and sleeker look. I woke up late on Tuesday and threw together this look in less than a minute, in time to meet Andrea for a round of refreshing fresh pineapple drinks on The Providore's balcony overlooking Orchard Road. This gemstone of a pencil skirt always makes me feel like a tall drink of water. For petite girls, pencil skirts are your new best friends thanks to their elongating abilities. I can't wait to get my hands on a mono lace overlay skirt.

P.S. My move to the Art Deco look perhaps has another reason - I'm halfway through Amor Towles's debut novel Rules of Civility and utterly enchanted (now where are my satin slipdresses and little bolero jackets?). Pour yourself a martini and dig deep into this one, because it's a knockout.

Photos by Andrea.

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