the workman's tuxedo.

LNA Clothing cotton hambray shirt, Cheap Monday boyfriend patch jeans, Zara heels, Alexander Wang Rocco bag, Alive & Live necklace

DOUBLE denim is tricky. There's the risk of looking like you've just come off a construction work site, and it's not the most flattering as it tends to overwhelm any body form. Denim is great for its durability and as a basic, but taking it all the way to a head-to-toe look... Well, there can be too much of a good thing. Cases in point: worst denim sins.

That being said, double denim can be incredible. For a lazy afternoon out with Andrea, I delved straight into the Canadian tuxedo with a new chambray shirt, digging out a trusty pair of Cheap Monday boyfriend jeans I'd bought for a tenner years ago.

Now the trick(s) - try not to wear the same shades of denim, break the look up with an eye-popping bag and shoes, and loop one of those seemingly omnipresent "statement" necklaces about your collar. Girly flowing Disney hair and a bright red pedicure help too.

Oh, and look at this quadruple denim by Leandra Medine. Total utter respect.

Photos by Andrea.

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  1. i love the shoes,and they are very cool. And thanks for your sharing.